Wolf's Marine

During the summer after my junior year of college, I worked at Wolf’s Marine in Benton Harbor, MI. I did a large variety of things while I worked there, including making signage for around the store, creating emails that went out weekly, designing posters, and developing graphics for their new website.

Above is part of the branding guide I created for them, compiling the various layouts for signs and emails. Since I was only there for a summer, I wanted them to have something to refer to when new signs and emails had to be created.

While I was working there, Wolf’s Marine was undergoing a transition of updating their website. I did a lot on the site to spruce it up and make sure that it was ready to be launched. I checked products, made pricing PDFs, created graphics for the home page banner as well as frequently visited pages such as diving classes and contact information.

Additionally, I created the weekly emails that gave information on events and featured products. For each email, I went through the store, spoke with workers on the sales floor, and made thorough notes to build an interesting and varied email. I also photographed and edited many pictures of the store and unique products.

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