Watercolor Paintings
Girl in a Greenhouse

This painting was made purely for fun after a grueling semester of college using watercolors and white gel pens. It’s a straightforward depiction of a girl in a greenhouse, watering some plants.


I created this as a visual representation of how depression impacts passion, enthusiasm, and creativity. The colors show the joy leaking out and the triangles in the background show the fracturing pieces of oneself.

Technology Still Life

This still life was created my senior year of high school, simply showing a few pieces of colorful game and music hardware. This was a study of the light and perspective of these objects.

Three Friends

In my advanced drawing class in college, we had a guest artist come in who specialized in painting on top of paper and letting whatever was printed on the paper show through. This was a recreation of a couple photos of two friends and myself as we took weird selfies in preparation to see each other for the first time in a long time.


This is just a cute little painting of a terrarium with a little girl and salamander inside.

Greenhouse Drained Tech Friends Terrarium
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