And the Children, They Know

Inspired by the Shel Silverstein poem Where the Sidewalk Ends, this lithograph print is about letting go and appreciating the journey and your surroundings. This is a 5-piece series, each one with a different treatment of cut-throughs and overlays. Two use paper painted with watercolor to add color and intrigue. One uses charcoal to add some laser-cut shrubbery overlays. One used the laser cutter to cut out various shapes and create a dynamic picture shape. And one is left untouched.

Weighed Down

This piece is a linotype printed from carved linoleum. It was made from a few blocks, one for the blue water background, one for the girl, one for the blocks hanging from her feet, one for the blocks foreground, and another for the blocks background. It was assembled in a couple layers, adding depth to the piece. The girl’s skin and boots are cut through revealing vellum underneath and elastic string is wrapped around her legs and feet, tethering her to the blocks that weigh her down. This piece shows the expectations that are placed on us, whether by ourselves or by society and how those expectations can weigh us down.

Masked Emotion

Masked Emotion is an intaglio print made from an etched copper plate. I started with line art before doing shading with an aquatint. This piece has a movable arm that can hide and reveal the face underneath. It’s about how we wear masks to hide our true feelings and how we may fear being seen as anything other than happy.

Terra Mobilis

This project had an odd start. In my printmaking class, we were told to choose an article, a word, and a color. Based off of these three things, we had to create a design. I had an article on Todd Anderson who made mountain illustrations and played with the concept of riding the mountains like a creature. I took a more literal approach to this concept, making a mountain monster with a person using a harness to ride the terra mobilis. This was made from a photo emulsion screen print, made with colors on black paper.

Blind Emboss Birds

These pieces were a little experimentation with blind embossing on the printing press. I first printed the linotype bird on a couple pieces of paper and used braided wire and knitted and embroidered clothes to press into the soaked paper.

Sidewalk Weighted Masked Terra Birds
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