Live Looping

This piece was created for the Central Michigan University graphic design senior thesis capstone show, The Flipside. The show’s theme was all about alternative methods, processes, and solutions. Within this theme, I chose Live Looping as an alternative music-making process.

Live looping is the process of recording short pieces of music, setting them to loop, and then layering other sounds and loops on top of that until an entire song is created. I was volunteering as a production leader at this time, so I based the colors off of a soundboard, one of the pieces of equipment commonly used by live loopers. The paper-cut illustrations were made as a visual representation of layering textures and sounds on top of each other.

I created three informative panels, the first giving an overview of what live looping is and a few examples and the other two explaining how to get into live looping whether you’re a beginning or experienced musician. On the monitor was a little game I programmed that allowed the user to mute and unmute instruments in looping piece of music so that they can understand the different textures that each instrument adds, the band members animating as they played. This game can be downloaded for Mac or Windows or played online, but audio won't work in all browsers.

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