The Little Prince Book Cover

During my Sophomore year at Southwestern Michigan College, I dropped in on an independent study class halfway through the semester. The group was partnering with the library to make book covers for coverless books in the library’s collection. I joined in on the project for fun, excited by an opportunity to create a book cover that would be featured in the library.

After an excursion through the library, I stumbled across a version of Antony Saint Exupery’s children’s novel The Little Prince. Having heard good things about the book, I picked it up and read through it to generate ideas, also researching the colored illustrations online. I wanted to create a similar feeling as Exupery’s illustrations on the cover, so I hand drew and painted The Little Prince on his asteroid overlooking Earth then took it into Photoshop and added details to the Moon, Earth, and asteroid.

Our group partnered again with the Information Technology department at the school to print the book covers and assembled over the novels.

A few years later, I revisited the original design and redid the typography to be more legible and fit better with the playful nature of the book.

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