Digital Landscape Paintings
Muskegon Lighthouse

This illustration is based off a couple pictures I took while visiting Muskegon, MI. I’m always enraptured by the color and shapes of clouds and I was attracted to the rusty lighthouse contrasted against the blue sky. This was drawn in Photoshop and then I added little animations to the water and clouds.


Theres a certain eeriness and mood to dark cloudy days and the way lights pierce through the haziness in this surreal way. I love seeing where the light shines through the clouds and where the dark clouds weigh the sky down. This illustration is simply a street corner in Mount Pleasant that I passed everyday.

SpringHill Cabins

In the early fall, I visited SpringHill, a Christian Camp in Evart, MI. The way the blue sky and blue cabins contrasted with the yellow and orange trees was to enticing to resist. In this piece, I experimented with adding textures in the cabins, trees, and clouds especially. This piece is less about creating perfect perspective and architecture and more about finding color and experimenting with texture.


On the way to my grandparents house, there are fields of windmills that we have to pass, and this is where this illustration comes from. These giant windmills placed in a vast, empty field. My focus was on recreating the color and texture of the clouds as they receded into the distance. This was also my first time animating in Photoshop and figuring out how to best use the tools.

Lighthouse Powerlines SpringHill Windmills
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