Handcraft Network Identity

I created this animation as part of my Motion Graphics class at Central Michigan University during my second year there. The parameters of the project was to create an identity system for a television network and animate different variations of transitions, bumpers, and bugs that the network would use. I used a variety of masks and simple shape animations to create most of the branding seen in this video.

Handcraft is a crafting network, focusing on gardening, home improvement, crafts, cooking, and DIY. The name I came up with is similar to the game Minecraft, and I used this similarity to appeal to a younger generation. I used a lot of geometric shapes to build on the pixelated style of Minecraft. The logo is also an abstracted hand, with the fingers animated to slide up.

The colors are bright and colorful to give a more fun feeling to the channel and reiterate the appeal to the target demographic. I contrasted a hand-lettered font with a geometric one to play on the theme that this is a modern channel for young adults to make things themselves, with their own two hands.

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