Game Design

I spent a semester learning game design and in that time, I illustrated and programmed four different games in Unity. Each game can be downloaded for Mac and Windows and each are playable in your web browser, however audio doesn't seem to work in Chrome.

Download the Games KerSplat!

This was the first game I created in two weeks as I was learning the basics of Unity and game design. It is based on the Atari game KaBoom where a bomber scrolls across the top dropping bombs and you control buckets of water that put out the bombs. I rethemed it around an artist dropping paint that you catch on your palette. Music was done by Louie Zong.

Play the Game Cryptids Hunter

For my second project, I tackled a more ambitious concept in the two weeks I had to make it. There are characters that you can ‘talk’ to, goals to meet, and a night and day setting. You play as a monster hunter who was called to a farm to investigate. You go around, collecting elements to build a trap. And then in the morning, you need to check on the trap, finding a broken shed and bridge on the way. In a bigger project, this idea could expand to having multiple ways to build a trap with varied levels of success and there could be a fighting section. I created the music using Garageband and Apple Loops.

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Rock Collector

My third project had to be in 3D and I chose to make a game about a penguin collecting rocks to build a nest.  In the two weeks I had to build the game, I taught myself the basics of Blender, a 3D modeling program. Rocks randomly fall from the sky across the iceberg and you go around collecting these rocks and putting them in your nest. Over time, the rocks fall faster. There are two modes, one timed and one not. Music was done by Louie Zong.

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Pieces of Me

This was my final project for the class, designed and programmed over the span of a month. Because I also had to work on my graphic design capstone show at this time, I downloaded some 2D platformer scripts to handle physics and collision, but heavily modified by myself to fit my needs. The music was done by Louie Zong.

Pieces of Me is about recovering from depression. At first, the levels are very dark and gloomy and you start off with no abilities, but as you progress the levels get lighter, the music gets brighter, and you gain abilities. The pieces represent the passions and interests that you lose through depression, and as you recollect them, the levels get lighter and you gain new abilities. Recovering from depression isn’t necessarily about the problems going away, but finding new tools and ways to deal with the problems. By the end of the game, you are able to face the enemies head on.

With more development, I would add more puzzle mechanics that force you to use the abilities in unique ways. Possibly even a skill tree that allows you to choose how to progress with more abilities that translate to real-world ways to fight depression.

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