Creating a greener world

Eden One was founded with the idea that we would bring fertility back to the cradle of humanity. Mesopotamia, or the Fertile Crescent, was home to many ancient wonders and was mankind’s birthplace. Eden One hopes to revitalize the world through the creation of sustainable farming environments in otherwise inhospitable areas. This planet is ours, and it is our goal to make it a veritable Garden of Eden.

Containers are insulated/climate proofed via external sidings. Pipes, lights, & electricity is run through interior of containers while hydroponics equipment is installed within them. This allows for crops to be grown in a friendlier climate with lower water requirements, higher crop yields, & increased nutritional value.

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Dominic Robinson


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Joe Amado

Ashley McClain

Shipping a garden

We transform shipping containers into relatively inexpensive, modular, ready-to-grow farms.

Around the world

Shipping Containers typically make one-way trips due to the expense of recovery after delivery. As a result, shipping containers are readily available on every continent.

Helping the homeless

The shipping containers can provide a sustainable food source and homes for the homeless.

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