EdenOne was a prospective business that entered in the New Venture Competition at Central Michigan University. For class, I was assigned to a group with three other people tasked with aiding the group with whatever graphic design needs they had. We worked together on these project, first designing a logo, then business cards, and finally a small informative website.

For the logo, we each came up with ideas, discussed them together, and picked a few to refine and present to the client. While my designs were ultimately not chosen, it was a good experience to collaboratively make creative decisions.

Using elements from the logo, we designed the business cards together, agreeing that it would look good printed on a pale yellow (or recycled) paper to reinforce the green and eco-friendly nature of their product. I then had the job of formatting the designs to be sent to the printers.

I worked on the website alone, since our group had been assigned two other clients to work with and we divided up the tasks between the four of us. I met a few times one-on-one with a member of EdenOne to discuss what information and images they wanted on the website and helped them set up a site through a web-hosting server. However, by the time I got all the information I needed, there were only a few days left to design the website so I downloaded a website template and used that as a launch board for their site, replacing images, adding information, and matching their branding.

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