Digital Illustrations

For this scene, I just imagined a cute couple going on a picnic together. I wanted to create something bright and colorful that captured the fresh young energy of a new couple, when things are still very exciting but also a little anxious.

To the right is a time lapse of the drawing process, showing the process I went through and how the layers built up. This took about 2.5 hours total to draw.

Autumn Woods

This piece was requested by a  family member who wanted an illustration to go with a poem she found about being a mother. She wanted the poem on a painting she already had of two people walking, but I didn't feel comfortable altering another person's art. So I took that original painting as a starting concept, looked up several of my own references, and created this illustration for her.

For this piece, I experimented a lot with different light, brushes, and textures to create the layers of leaves. The final version had the poem written down the left side, but the illustration works well on its own.


I created this piece as an experiment and challenge to myself. I had just taught myself how to animate in Photoshop and wanted to push myself to do something more complex than moving clouds or turning windmills. This was also before I took a class on animation, so I was also learning through this process how to animate the human body and finding the best way to plan an animation.

In this picture, I also had the challenge of showing a forest background in a concise way that didn't distract from the illustration. I ended up working with a lot of color blocking with gestural lines to indicate grass, large dark swaths to show tree tops, and bright white spots to show the sunlight shining through.

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