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Vitale Aquilla is a character I created for a novel that I've been plotting out. He is an elite soldier, a member of the Attiri guard for the kingdom of Halah. He is someone who is always focused on work and being active. When he isn't working or practicing, he likes to dance, the musical rhythms helping him cope with the troubles he faces. Vitale's older sister is a jeweler and craftsman, so he often wears her jewelry and metalwork as a way to promote her business.


Niah is another character from the same story as Vitale. She's someone who has been hardened by her life and has a hard time warming up to people. Years ago, she was a fire victim, burns covering the left side of her face and body. The incident burned a lot of her hair, so she shaved her head soon after and has worn it in a short fashion ever since as a way to distance herself from her life before the fire.

She starts the story as a kitchen worker, but shows her cunning and athleticism in an emergency and lands herself a job as a guard. This drives her nature as a protector, putting others lives above her own.

Her design has changed a bit in the couple years I've been drawing her, even changing names a few times as I better understood her character and her story.

Other Characters

This section includes drawings of many of the other characters from Niah's and Vitale's story. This includes Sol, the librarian hacker; Cyril, the handicapped prince; Allegra, the deadpanned trainer; and Inaaya, the boisterous princess.


This little drawing was created purely for fun, inspired by the Metal Gear Solid V character, Quiet. In this game, Quiet doesn't have functioning lungs and breathes through her skin. Basically, this was an excuse for the developers to put a woman in a bikini. However, I wanted to explore different options for this character. I thought about what she could wear in an everyday life that would be practical and stylish and weren't just a bikini. So I used a lot of sheer materials and loose, flowing fabrics in these outfits so that she could be a little more modest and still breathe.

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