The Flipside Videos

The process video was mostly filmed by myself, with a few clips filmed by classmates and my professor. Variety was the key, taking a few detail shots, panoramic shots, and a couple time lapses. I edited all the footage together alone, using the shows brand as inspiration for the color overlays and dotted line dividers. Because most of the video was of the show being put up, I only had a weekend to edit all of the clips before the show opened.

For Central Michigan University’s graphic design senior thesis capstone show, the class was broken up into groups each assigned to an aspect to the branding and marketing of the show. I was on the video team with one other person, tasked with creating a trailer for the show as well as a process video to showcase the hard work that went into it.

My classmate and I worked within the branding of the show and discussed the direction for the trailer, storyboarding together before dividing up the work. She animated the front half while I animated the portraits and end-screen using the assets from the original poster.

Designs Illustrations