Family Ties

Before I really knew what this assignment was, my professor conducted an interview with me, asking questions about family. I ended up talking about my Uncle Kim and this became the focus for my animation. The assignment was to create myself out of clay and have me narrate the story with some small secondary animations on the side.

A Kiss Before Dying

For this short animation, we were assigned to groups of three and given a title to work with. My groups title was A Kiss Before Dying. We brainstormed together and came up with the basic story of a woman running to meet her partner and as they go inside, lightning strikes and the house burns down. I drew out the storyboard and drew the basic characters we were going to use. However, I because I also drew a little grim reaper, our professor urged us to use it, so we made the girl inside the house the grim reaper adding more mystery and drama. My classmates did a lot of the drawing while I handled composition and framing and edited the footage after the 2 hour shoot. We drew the whole thing on a whiteboard and inverted the colors in post.

Spring Candy

This piece was made with a partner and the prompt ‘Spring.’ We were to use objects and candy we brought in to create the animation. So we used chocolates and foil to create rain and made a flower grow from origami butterflies, building the flower out before deconstructing it all. This was shot in only two hours, making the best use of the time and materials we had before I later added music.

Contemporary Art

I created this animation as part of my contemporary art history class. The assignment was to create a video about contemporary art. I took it a step further by creating a puppet and stop motion animation.

Family Kiss Candy Contemporary
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