Animal Studies

While researching different birds and beaks for a different project, I stumbled across the puffin who captured my attention. I fell in love with their cute triangle eye markings and their big colorful beaks. I did this study in an afternoon, researching different images and redrawing them to capture not only their likeness, but their attitude. I also created a larger image of a singular puffin with a beak full of fish, again looking to better understand these beautiful birds.


I dog sat these two dogs for a friend, in the process learning about their character, mannerisms, and attitude. Their owner had asked if I could draw them for her, so I happily obliged! Sadie on the left was a cheerful dog, always excited to play fetch and always wanting to be by your side. Finn was a very mischievous dog, focused, energetic, and looking for new ways to get in trouble. The challenge of drawing them was to capture their likeness as well as their contrasting personalities.

Spiny Flower Mantises

I challenged myself to draw these two insects in 30 minutes, spending about15 minutes on each mantis. This was a quick study challenge to capture the character and complexity of the creature as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Puffins Dogs Mantises
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